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Jiangsu Henggang Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 892, Xicheng Road, Jiangyin City. It has a superior geographical position, with Yanjiang Expressway in the south and G2 Xicheng Expressway in the east. The two expressways are less than 5 kilometers away from the company. There are train freight station and double-berth 800-ton dock near the factory, giving us a very convenient transportation.


The company's main business scope: spring flat steel series, spring steel strip series, hot-rolled flat steel square steel series, expandable joint steel, miner steel, construction engineering steel, track plate steel, rail steel, blade steel, supporting steel, railway steel and other complex section hot-rolled steel generated through production and processing. Our production execution standards include: Japanese standard [JIS] German standard [DIN] American standard [ASTM] National standard [GB], helping to guarantee the high quality requirements and individualization of our users.


The company's products are widely used in vehicles, ships, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, industrial hardware, spring manufacturing, electrical metal, and other light and heavy industrial manufacturing.


Commonly used materials for various steel types:

Spring steel material series: 60si2mnA、65mn、50crvA、55crmnA、55sicrA、60si2crA、60si2crvA、60crmnA、38Si7、28MnBA、30mncrB5、38crmnB5、60CrMnB、SUP7、SUP9、SUP9A、SUP10、SUP11A、SUP12、51crv4、55cr3、9crsi。

Flat steel / square steel material series:Q235B、Q345B、45#、20#-80# 40cr、40mn、42crmo、20crmnti

Hot-rolled steel material series:Q235B、Q345B、Q295bz、Q390bz、Q42Obz、27simn、50mn、55Q、U71Mn、U75V、900A、R260 、M540、 M520


Various types of steel specifications:

Hot rolled flat steel:(5-80)*(20-300)Hot rolled flat steel:(10*10)-(120*120)

Hot rolled round steel:12mm-320mm   Hot rolled spring steel strip:(2-20)*(650-1250)

Cold rolled spring steel strip:(0.01-3.0)*(10-800) Spring wire:0.8-17mm

Mining steel: grooved steel, U-shaped steel, miner steel, π-shaped steel, T-shaped steel strip, W-shaped steel strip, Ω-shaped steel, Scraper steel

Construction engineering steel: steel sheet pile, T-shaped steel, T-shaped steel, Y-shaped steel, Q345C D E angle steel / channel steel,Hot-rolled C-shaped steel / HALFEN trough Toothed Hafen trough (for railway embedded parts)

Expansion joint steel: C G E F Z L steel, Wangzi steel (road/rail expansion joint, bridge expansion joint)

Mechanical equipment steel: automotive door hinges, textile machine guides, elevator guide rails, light rails, heavy rails, slot rails,Tracked steel, single-tooth track shoes, double-tooth track shoes, three-tooth track shoes (Caterpillar designated supplier)

Hot-rolled profiled steel: According to the drawings provided by the user, the production or national standard specifications.

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