Technical concepts

The development source and impetus of Heng Cheng Steel is technological innovation.

Development concept

The development basis of Heng Cheng Steel is innovation, not only includes technological innovation, but also covers the innovation for products, market, management, system and concepts.

Innovation is also the development impetus of Heng Cheng Steel, and the basis of innovation is practical practice, to surpass the requirements of technology, products and services for clients. 

Service Concepts

Heng Cheng Steel fully takes the various demands of clients into account, to extend the service to pre-sales, and commit ourselves to the promise of “Serve for Clients”.

Try everything to satisfy the various demands of clients, and also provide personalized services for clients.

Talent Concepts

Heng Cheng Steel always starts from practice in the selection of talents, the employed staff of our company not only are outstanding talents, but also are suitable talents for the company. The talents help to promote the development of the company, and the company can provide a suitable development environment for those talents.  Fully practice the saying of giving full scope to the talents.

Cooperation Concepts

Heng Cheng Steel consecrate teamwork sprit as the core of staff cooperation, but in the implementation process of company development strategies and goals, every staff of different positions, can voice their own opinions and suggestions. As for the specific practice, every staff is your partners, so as to allow the company to have a healthier development environment and with a clearer target.




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