Jiangsu Hengsteel technology co., LTD. Is located in no. 1 chenjiatang, guanshan village, jiangyin city. It is closed to jinghu expressway, shanghaichengdu expressway and huwu expressway.

Our company is an integrated set of industry and trade company.

Now the company's main product development direction is as follows.

1. Type of steel for construction projects:

Tubular pile locking section, Sheet pile locking section, c-type locking section, Ball &Socket clutch section, Angle locking section, PCCP pipe socket section, receiving socket section, building formwork section, Hafen groove steel (pipe gallery embedded parts dedicated).

Expansion joint steel:

C, G, E, F, Z, L section steel, '王' type steel (for highway/railway expansion joints, bridge expansion joints)

2. Shaped steel for mechanical equipment:

shaped steel for automobile hinges, t-shaped steel for elevator guide rails, tracked steel, forklift beam beams, shaped steel for construction machinery wheels, shaped steel for retaining ring, shaped steel for locking ring, shaped steel for linear guide rails for machine tools.

3.Flat steelbar:

spring flat steel, alloy flat steel, steel lattice flat steel, cathode flat steel.

4.Customized special-shaped steel:

according to different requirements, we can produce customized steel with various complex sections.

5.Product material:

carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, etc.

6.Production process:

billet + hot rolling → finished product, hot rolling + cold drawing → finished product, hot rolling blank + cold rolling → finished product.

Focus on solving the "difficult and complex" problems for customers!

Innovation, inheritance, development, made in China!




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